Ed ‘Sheer Ham’ goes wild for pig design

Ed Sheeran has gone wild for a lookalike pig sculpture which will feature on sculpture trail, Pigs Gone Wild, this summer.

The international music sensation was inspiration for a local artist who submitted a design that looks like Ed for the Pigs Gone Wild project which will see around 40 larger-than-life pig sculptures set out on a trail through Ipswich town centre and the Waterfront for ten weeks from June.

All the sculptures will be designed and decorated by artists and generously sponsored by local organisations. 86 of the shortlisted designs were recently revealed at a Matchmakers event where sponsors of the project chose their sculpture designs.

‘Ed Sheer Ham’, the cleverly titled design, proved extremely popular and a huge talking point among the attendees.

Norman Lloyd, Pigs Gone Wild project manager, said: “We had a fantastic range of designs submitted by artists from around the country for the pig sculptures, but I think with Ed’s local connection, being a Framlingham boy, an Ed pig was a must have!”

“The artist has come up with such a brilliant name for it, ‘Ed Sheer Ham’ – we’ve found that with the designs, the amazing names they’ve come up with are half the fun!”

Pigs Gone Wild is being brought to the town by local charity, St Elizabeth Hospice, who has teamed up with Wild in Art for what will be the biggest mass participation interactive art event the county has ever seen.

The 40 big pig sculptures will be joined on the trail by 30 junior pigs which will be created by local schools and community groups.

At the end of the ten week extravaganza, the junior pigs will be returned to the schools, whilst the fully grown pig sculptures will be auctioned off to raise funds for St Elizabeth Hospice to help improve life for local people living with a progressive illness such as cancer, motor neurone disease and heart failure.

This isn’t the first time Ed Sheeran has supported the hospice. In the past he has donated items from his wardrobe to his local St Elizabeth Hospice shop in Framlingham, and the clothing has raised thousands of pounds for the charity.

Mr Lloyd added: “We’d like to say a big thank you to Ed for his support of the project, and the design, and his continued support of the hospice. We’re sure that ‘Ed Sheer Ham’ will not only prove an extremely popular pig on the trail, but that it will go on to raise thousands for the hospice when it goes to auction.”

Pigs Gone Wild is expected to not only appeal to local people, but also to bring thousands of visitors to the town.