Pigs Gone Wild gives Ipswich £1million boost

The hugely popular Pigs Gone Wild trail has revealed the extent of its success as figures were released showing a £1million boost for Ipswich.

The trail, which saw 40 large and 30 junior pig sculptures dotted around Ipswich town centre and the waterfront from July to September, also saw a whopping 250,000 visit it over the ten weeks this summer.

St Elizabeth Hospice, organisers of the interactive art event, has released these figures following independent research conducted by Zing Insights.

Norman Lloyd, Pigs Gone Wild project manager, said: “From the moment the pigs were first put on the streets, to the end of the trail, and from the feedback received afterwards, we knew Pigs Gone Wild had been popular and had had a positive effect on the town – but to see the extent of its effect from the research is extremely gratifying and rewarding.

“To have a quarter of a million people visiting the trail is very flattering and pleasing for us, but also to see that there has been a £1million spent in Ipswich as a direct result of Pigs Gone Wild shows that the trail was successful in showing off our town and getting people out and about. This is demonstrated by the fact that 90 per cent of people explored parts of Ipswich they would not usually visit.”

Suffolk County Council, supporting partner of the trail, were thrilled with the research results, which also showed that 87 per cent think the trail created a stronger sense of community in Ipswich.

Cllr Christopher Hudson, Suffolk County Council’s Cabinet Member for Ipswich, said “We knew from the way the whole community got involved in Pigs Gone Wild and the excitement it created that it had been a massive success. These figures not only go to prove that assumption but also capture the true scale of the impact.

“On behalf of Suffolk County Council I would like to extend my congratulations and thanks to the whole team at St Elizabeth Hospice for their tremendous work in bringing this superb initiative to fruition. Thanks to you the town has secured a very real and tangible economic, social and activity boost.”

The trail, which raised more than £200,000 for St Elizabeth Hospice, was enjoyed by everyone who visited it, with 98% rating their overall experience either excellent or good.

Cllr David Ellesmere, Leader of Ipswich Borough Council, said: “Pigs Gone Wild was a great success and one of my memories of the summer was seeing dozens of families out on the trail and exploring parts of Ipswich they perhaps had forgotten about. The team behind it deserves a special mention as they herded the pigs into a successful visitor attraction and charity fund-raiser. The Council looks forward to working with them on future ideas.”

Another fan of the trail was Councillor Roger Fern, Mayor of Ipswich. He said; “During the summer, and since, the whole project has captured the interest of people of all ages in Ipswich and beyond. There is no doubt that this is one of the best attractions Ipswich has had for a long time. It appealed to people of all ages, both visitors and residents.

“We are delighted the hospice has benefitted so much financially and also the way the project has reminded us of all the vital work of the hospice. I doubt very much this will be the last of such events. I look forward to the next one.”

St Elizabeth Hospice revealed after the auction that they would be organising another trail in the future – watch this space!