Ipswich Central

Formed in 2007, Ipswich Central is the Business Improvement District (BID) Company for Ipswich.

Ipswich Central was formed in 2007 and in 2011 businesses voted with a firm yes for Ipswich Central to continue to act on their behalf. In fact, the BID company received the highest aggregate first ballot results in the UK which gave the BID company an absolute mandate to continue on their behalf.

Ipswich Central will be familiar to many through the Street Ranger team dressed in red who can be seen around the town. The BID also manages All About Ipswich, the brand which tells you what’s going on in the town. To find out more visit allaboutipswich.com

*A BID is a defined geographical area and within it, businesses opt (via a vote) to pay an additional amount to provide services in that area that they, as a group of businesses want to have. A BID company has a maximum of five years before it has to ask businesses if they want the BID to continue.